June 8-9, 2013, Volokolamsk

Today Moscow Raceway in Volokolamsk hosted two qualifying races and the first race of the two within the first LADA Granta Cup 2013 stage.

08 06 13 1

In the first qualification the best lap time (the lap is 3931 meters long) was achieved by Dmitry Bragin from the Syzran Racing Team – the famous Tolyatti racer finished it in 1:50,074. Mikhail Loboda performing for the Aeroexpress Racing Team was just 0,213 second behind. Another Syzran Racing Team racer, Mikhail Mityayev, came in third 0,348 second after the leader.

Pavel Kalmanovich from the AUTOVAZ PROO team showed the best result in the second qualification - 1:50,824. LADA Granta Cup newcomer Nikita Misyulya performing for CSKA came just 0,141 second behind. The third best result was achieved by Rustam Akiniyazov from Aeroexpress Racing Team who came 0,936 sec after the leader.

08 06 13 2

Syzran Racing Team in the person of Mikhail Mityayev and Sergey Shalunov claimed the victory in the new season first race of 19 laps. The second step of the podium was occupied by Vitaliy Dudin and Sergey Ryabov from the Russian Bears, who came 10,873 seconds after the winner. The third place went to Nikita Misyulya from CSKA, with a lag of 14,664 seconds.

08 06 13 3

The second race of the LADA Granta Cup first stage will start on June 9, at 16:30. According to the rules, Nikita Misyulya will take the start from the pole position, followed by Rustam Akiniyazov in the second place of the grid. The second line of the starting field will be occupied by Vitaliy Dudin and Sergey Shalunov. Yuriy Loboda and Vladimir Melnikov will place themselves further on the starting grid, followed by Vasiliy Gryazin and Alexandr Kobenko, Alexey Chaban and Alexandr Karasevich, Maxim Simonov and Vladimir Sitnov.кубок-lada-granta-стартовал

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