“Kazanring”, Kazan

On August 17 at 9:25 the first Russian LADA Granta Cup training started.


Aeroexpress Racing Team - Rustam Akiniyazov and Mikhail Loboda demonstrated the best lap time of 1:37.306, which is almost 3 seconds more than the time achieved by the yesterday leader Nikita Misyulya. The second best result was achieved by the Syzran Racing Team representatives Mikhail Mityayev and Sergey Shalunov - 1:37.542. The third place with a lag of 1.236 seconds went to the 2013 season newcomers Alexey Degtyarev and Alexandr Frolov from the Agregat Motorsport team.

17 08 2013 1

During the second training Nikita Misyulya showed the best time – 1:33.944. The Aeroexpress Racing Teams Loboda/Akiniyazov and Shulmeister/Gryazin occupied the second and the third place.

The fifth Lada Granta Cup stage saw dual power establishing in the interim classification of the Russian monocup. After winning the race at the Kazan Ring circuit, Nikita Misyulya (MIR-CSKA) from Samara and Syzran Racing team in the person of Dmitry Bragin from Tolyatti and Maxim Simonov from Moscow gained 159 points each and became the leaders of the Lada Granta Cup Series 2013 individual ratings two stages before the final.

The first race of the weekend in Kazan was unbelievably interesting and eventful. Bragin took the start from the pole but aready in the first turn he was overtaken by Pavel Kalmanovich from «AutoVAZ PROO», who started from the 4th position. A tough battle for the leading positions between Misyulya, Alexey Dudukalo (AutoVAZ PROO), Alexandr Frolov (Agregat Motorsport), Mikhail Mityayev (Syzran Racing) and Pavel Алешин (Sberbank Leasing) continued up to the mandatory pit stop.

After the driver change the battle on the track renewed. Six minutes to the end of the race Misyulya perorming in the Russian Cup without a co-driver managed to overtake Bragin’s co-driver Sergey Shalunov and move to the second place, and a minute before the chequered flag signal Nikita finished his pursuit of the leader with a spectacular overtaking claiming his third victory in the debut season.

Vladimir Melnikov and Vladislav Nezvankin from AUTOREVIEW Russian Bears took the second place and Alexandr Kobenko and Pavel Kalmanovich from the AutoVAZ team came in third.

On Sunday the new Cup leader started from the pole position and managed to maintain the lead up to the mandatory pit stop fighting off the attacks of the following Syzran team. The leadership changed after the pit stop. Misyulya left the pit lane fourth due to the time handicap, and the leading position was occupied by Dmitry Bragin, followed by Alexey Dudukalo and Mikhail Loboda, who replaced his co-driver in the Aeroexpress Racing team Rustam Akiniyazov. The racers came to the finish in the same order.

17 08 2013 2

The classification of the Lada Granta Cup 2013 individual event after the ten scoring races is as follows:

  1. Dmitry Bragin (Tolyatti, Syzran Racing) 159 points
  2. Maxim Simonov (Syzran’, Syzran Racing) 159
  3. Nikita Misyulya (Samara, MIR-CSKA) 159
  4. Sergey Shalunov (Cheboksary, Syzran Racing) 108
  5. Rustam Akiniyazov (Moscow, Aeroexpress Racing) 106
  6. Mikhail Loboda (Moscow, Aeroexpress Racing) 106
  7. Alexey Dudukalo (Химки, AutoVAZ PROO) 92
  8. Alexey Chaban (Tolyatti, AutoVAZ PROO) 92
  9. Mikhail Mityayev (Tolyatti, Syzran Racing) 88 ...

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