August 4-5, 2012, Volokolamsk

The first race was held on Saturday, August 4, Boris Schulmeister (Aeroexpress) started from the pole position. Vladimir Sheshenin (Almaks Major) was the second on the starting grid, followed by Mikhail Mityayev (Sberbank). On the fourth lap the race was interrupted by an accident with Pavel Kalmanovich (AUTOVAZ-PROO). The car #17 flew off the track at high speed making several turns. Fortunately, the driver was not injured, unlike his car – this racing weekend was over for LADA Granta Sport #17.

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After the restart, Shulmeister, Sheshenin, Antonov became the three leaders, but the situation changed after the mandatory pit stops. Rustam Akiniyazov on #15 was challenged for the leading position by the Aeroexpress team - Yuriy and Mikhail Loboda. As a result, Yuriy Loboda managed to take the lead over Rustam Akiniyazov and was the first to see the chequered flag. The Almaks Major team in the person of Vladimir Sheshenin and Albert Iliazov took the third place. Sergey Ryabov and Roman Granatovich’s team (we recall that Roman is the Virtual LADA Granta Cнаmpion on, who became a fighting racer) fought hard and came in fifth.

In Sergey Ryabov and Roman Granatovich’s team (#14) Roman was the first to start, he had to start from the last position due to his late coming out of the pit lane, but already after 3 laps he was able to improve his position moving up to the fourth place. Swimming rain tires made Roman let Alexey Degtyarev get ahead, then Roman arrived at the mandatory pit stop where he passed the baton to Sergey Ryabov who started to gain on the competitors maintaining the fourth position. Unfortunately, Sergey and Roman had to content themselves with the fourth position, just one step away from the podium.

4 08 12 2

The first prize went to the team of Vyacheslav and Mikhail Maleev, Dmitry  Bragin and Maxim Simonov took the second place, the brothers Yuriy and Mikhail Loboda occupied the third step of the podium. The Aeroexpress team won the team competition.

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