Cheboksary Fall

Fall 2011 (November 4-5)

The Car Club Rally «Cheboksary Fall – 2011» starts in Cheboksary on November 5

Today, on November 1, a press conference was held in the Chebksary city hall, where media representatives had an opportunity to ask questions about the upcoming rally to the organizers. The list of the press conference participants included: Chuvash Republic State Council Deputy Sergey Yevgenyevich Shalunov, the deputy of Cheboksary Administration Chairman Vladimir Georgievich Timofeev, the head of Cheboksary Physical Education, Sport and Tourism Office Alexandr Viktorovich Agafonov, the chairman of the Sport and Technics Club «Forsazh 21» Sergey Nikolaevич Lysyuk, a competition participant, many times rally winner Yuriy Anatolyevich Ivanov. It must be noted that it is impossible to participate in such competitions on usual cars. All cars must undergo special preparation procedures. Changes are made to the engine, transmission, and brake system. Each car is equipped with a safety cage, and lightened at maximum to increase speed: the back seats and mufflers are removed (that’s why the racing cars make such roar). The most of the racers drove Russian cars. Such cars as “VAZ 2101”, “VAZ 2108”, “UAZ”, “Niva”, “VAZ”, “IZh” participated in the race.

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The racer on Lada Kalina #17, Sergey Shalunov, explained it by the fact that “our” cars are cheaper and it is not such big loss, and they are better adapted for Russian roads. Besides, it is easier to find spare parts for them. By the way, some of the cars were far from fine-looking. Some of the rally participants even drove cars without glass in the windows.

According to the drivers, the car is not the most important thing in the rally. Neither does the driver plays the critical role. A lot depends on the navigator in such competitions. Without a navigator, the driver is helpless. It is the navigator who informs the driver about all details of the track: about the next turn, its difficulty, where to slow down or speed up… According to Yuriy Andronov (VAZ 2108 #6), with a good navigator, a driver can race successfully even with his eyes closed.

The participants had to get to the special racing place observing all the traffic rules. If a racer came to the place even several minutes earlier, he is penalized. The navigator’s job here was to remind the driver about the speed limit in time.

Sergery Shalunov's team (Lada Kalina #17) became the overall winner of the rally. The secret of their victory is simple: Sergey had an excellent navigator, Alexey Shtoyko who came from Tolyatti to help the team. Two teams on Subaru formed a strong competition for them. They managed to get ahead, but one of the cars exited the race while the other one received many penalty points.

Incidentally, Sergey Shalunov is not just the winner of the rally, he is also the organizer of the competitions. Sergey shares his plans for the future: “The next race will most probably be held in winter. Apart from that, next year we will organize accident prevention driver courses to train rally and rallycross drivers. That will give everyone an opportunity to learn special driving techniques”.

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